Forensic Accounting Explained

September 7th 2021

This event is a great opportunity for aspiring CPA’s to learn more about where your designation can take you. You may be interested in pursuing forensic accounting or have no idea what it is – Join us to learn about what forensic accountants
actually do and what is needed to get into this profession. You will also get insight into the opportunities at Ontario Securities Commission . Our guest speakers Shaifali Joshi-Clark and Daniel 
Tourangeau, are Senior Forensic Accountants at the OSC as well as UofT alumni! There will be time for Q&A. following their presentation.

Data Analytics in Accounting

October 20th 2021

The use of data analytics in business is on the rise. This event looks at the basics of data analytics through the lens of accounting. You will learn about how data analytics can be used to improve efficiency and better visualize data
as well as what programs you should become skilled in. 

IIA Info Session

January 27th 2022

RCAS has partnered with the Institute of Internal Auditors for this event.

Your Future in Accounting

February 10th 2022

This final event purely serves to educate RC Accounting students about the plethora of pathways they can pursue with a CPA designation such as advisory, audit, tax, forensic accounting, and more. Students will listen to an informative
presentation and engage in useful workshops to learn about the evolving industry, emphasizing the shift towards enhanced technology and data analytics.

Tax Prep 101

February 20th 2022

This event is for students who want to do their own taxes or simply want to learn more about the process. A Rotman professor will walk us through how to successfully prepare for Canadian tax season, the various ways you can file your
taxes (whether you file yourself or have someone else do it for you), and a few benefits/credits to keep an eye out for.





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