Ready, Set, RCAS! 

August 27th 2021

The Rotman Commerce Accounting Society wants to give you a warm welcome to the beginning of your university journey. At out event ‘Ready, Set, RCAS!’, you will get an inside scoop on what to expect in your first year. From sharing
our personal university tips to answering all of your burning questions! RCAS is here to support you on this new chapter of your life.

Chartered For Success

September 16th 2021

Chartered for Success is an event designed to help first year Rotman students transition into university, learn more about the accounting specialist and what it entails, make new friends while participating in fun engaging workshops,
and learn more about the Rotman Commerce Accounting Society Family. Students will participate in engaging workshops and icebreakers. As well as hear from a panel of upper Rotman students to learn more about their experiences , and
how they overcame first year obstacles.




Ready, Set, RCAS

August 26, 2022

To many incoming students, the first year of university may seem daunting and overwhelming. Our event “Ready, Set, RCAS!” allows you to put some of your questions and worries at ease as RCAS will be giving you insider information on
what to expect going into this new journey. With our tips, activities, and Q&A session, you can expect to get a jumpstart into your first year.

Chartered for Success

September 14, 2022



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